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Stays between us
We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of authors and readers.
The power of strong stories


Reconnecting the youth with literature.

Our mission is to reach the youth directly where they are with well-crafted and bold stories to help them find and share their voice. We are challenging what literature is today and experimenting with a new genre of storytelling across platforms, where the best of text, visuals and audio meets.


Experience the power of great stories.

Stays Between Us is dedicated to empower the next generation of authors and readers. We are a team of people working in Gyldendal, Norway’s leading group in the book industry with nearly a 100 years of experience telling stories. We have published 60 Nobel Literature Prize winners. That makes us strong believers in the power of literature to drive change.

Behind the scenes of a Stays Between Us production.

Our Stories

dbmo - This stays between us

DBMO (This Stays Between Us) is Norway’s first Instagram book, a native digital story written by award-winning author Alexander Kielland Krag. The story captures the intricacy of growing up, first love and finding your place in life.

Felix is seventeen year old and has just started at a new school. He meets Nicolai and falls in love immediately. But does Nicolai feel the same way? And is he even into boys?

The story is told in an experiential way, through the combination of text, visual and music.

Statistics of engagement of Dette Blir Mellom Oss on Instagram.

The universe is built to feel like a safe space: intimate, non-edited, relatable. A place to connect emotionally with the honest and sharp writing in the story.

The story is currently running as a Show on Snapchat.

(available in Norwegian, English coming soon)
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